Propane Generators

Whatever generator you pick for your home it must be sized to your LP fuel tank.  With storm damage it may take 7 to 10 days to clear roads of trees and downed power lines.  You need 7 to 10 days run capacity of fuel.  If the generator you pick burns 2 gallons an hour for 24 hrs. means it will burn 48 gallons in 24 hrs. 48 X 10 days, means it will burn 480 gallons in those 10 days.  A 500 gallon propane tank holds 425 gallon full.

120 Gal tank holds 100 gals of Propane

250 Gal tank holds 212 gals of Propane

500 Gal tank holds 425 gals of Propane

1000 Gal tank holds 850 gals of Propane

Don't Get Caught in the Dark During Hurricane Season

Tens of millions of Americans lose electrical power to their homes each year! There is no warning and you can be left with no lights, no heat, and no air conditioning. This also means you have no refrigerator, no sump pump, and no security system. A few hours without power is a nuisance. Losing power for days, weeks or even longer can be costly and downright dangerous. 

A Generac automatic standby propane generator returns your home to full power within seconds, 24/7, even when you're not at home. More convenient than a portable unit, a fully automatic standby propane generator senses an outage and begins to produce power immediately. There are no extension cords to plug in, gas tanks to fill, or switches to flip. A Generac propane generator delivers the power you need, the security and peace of mind you want. 

When hurricanes strike, standby propane generators are completely automatic. This helps to ensure that your home or business remains safe from the negative and potentially harmful effects of power loss.

Important Facts About a Generator System

  • The generator system automatically and continuously monitors incoming power from the utility line.
  • When utility power is interrupted, the control system in the propane generator automatically senses the loss of power and signals the generator to start.
  • The automatic transfer switch safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens a new power line from the propane generator.
  • Your Generac propane generator supplies electricity to your main distribution panel through an automatic transfer switch.  You can elect to back up selected emergency circuits or your entire electrical service.
  • When utility line voltage returns, the system transfers the electrical load back to the utility line.  The propane generator continues to run for an engine cool-down period of several minutes and the entire system stands ready for the next power outage.  To ensure the system is always ready when you need it, your propane generator will run a 10-12 minute self-test cycle every week.

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